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Hours of Operation

ENLISTED HERITAGE MUSEUM                                              SECURITY FORCES EXHIBITS ANNEX

                    Wednesday    0900-1500                                                      Wednesday    0900-1500  

                    Thursday        1030-1730                                                      Thursday        1030-1730

                    Friday             0900-1500                                                      Friday             0900-1500

                    Saturday        1000-1400

                    Closed Federal Holidays                                                        Closed Federal Holidays




                   During Daylight Hours

Visit Us

All DoD ID Card holders have access to visit the Museums.  All other US citizens with a valid state/government issued I.D. can visit our museums during hours of operation. Stop at the Luke East Visitor Control Center and request a pass to visit the museum. All visitors in your party will be vetted and if cleared a pass to visit the museum will be issued. Only the East Luke Visitor Center will process museum visitor pass requests. 

International Visitors

International visitor are always welcome at the museums. Please download the PDF and fill out sections two (II) and five (V) on the form. Email it back to us at least two weeks before your planned visit to process the request.

Email the form to

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