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Frederick Libby was born July 15, 1891, Sterling, CO. He worked as a cowboy before joining the Canadian Army when the First World War broke out, 12 February 1915. Upon reaching France, he served as a truck driver but was wounded and returned to England in December 1915. When he recovered, he volunteered for service with the Royal Flying Corps. As an aircraft observer and gunner he became the first American ace of the war in the summer of 1916, flying under the British. The following year, Libby completed pilot training and transferred to American Air Service on 15 September 1917. Scoring 22 Aerial Credits total, Libby returned to the United States, he participated in the Liberty Loan drive before becoming an instructor at Hicks Field in Texas. Unfortunately, by this time and was found to be permanently disabled with a swollen back disk and medically unfit for further military service.

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